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Økologisk Råstoff Pomegranate lakridsshot

Organic Råstoff Pomegranate

Like the other varieties in the Råstoff series, Organic Råstoff Pomegranate is of high quality, made on a base of vodka with carefully chosen ingredients added and it is also organic.
It is made using liquorice powder and reel raw liquorice extracted from liquorice root.

Råstoff pomegranate has a sweet and rich taste of real liquorice with a note of pomegranates.

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Sweet, rich liquorice and pomegranate flavour

Organic Råstoff Pomegranate is based on vodka with added Liquorice powder, which can be traced back to 1930 and is extracted from liquorice root grown in Central Asia, where the soil and climate gives the best growth conditions. Råstoff Pomegranate is an organic luxury gourmet shot.

Råstoff lakridsshot

Liquorice is not just Liquorice… Far from it!

This realization has produced three very different liquorice shots.
Råstoff Raw Liquorice, Råstoff Pure Liquorice and Organic Råstoff Pomegranate. Råstoff Pure Liquorice is available in both an original and an organic version. The common denominator for the three variants is the type of liquorice used. Glycyrrhiza glabra. A liquorice sort we have chosen because of it’s rich and clean liquorice fla...